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Boxhead Multiplayer ~ Bounty Hunter

Boxhead Multiplayer Bounty HunterSo the lack of updates for Multiplayer games end with the Boxhead Bounty Hunter, the multiplayer Boxhead version. Although we only have the lite edition which allows you to play on a single map but a decent amount of weapons for you to choose from.

The objective is simple, take out the other players before they take you out. The winner of the level is judged by the amount of cash collected at the end of each timed level, around 10 minutes.

You get cash from the bodies of the other Boxheads you slay, since its multiplayer the element of fun is much higher and the fact that its a light game on the system makes it playable for a much larger audience, especially if you can turn off many of the games frills in the options menu.

The best part is theres no wait time, you just jump into a pre existing game making it easy for a new player to get a hang of it. The next game starts automatically, each player starts off with the same amount of cash, weapon choices and upgrades make all the difference. Boxhead bouty hunter includes unique upgrades for each weapon, making you a killing machine if you manage to rake enough cash.

To assist you is a Bounty radar that shows which player is ranked no 1 and has the largest bounty, but remember killing the highest ranked player means you need to have a decent amount of skill prior to trying!

Time for you to see how good you are with this multiplayer version of boxhead!

Boxhead Multiplayer ~ Bounty Hunter, 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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Boxhead Multiplayer ~ Bounty Hunter, 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings